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about emRise engineering

EmRise Engineering Pvt. LTD. is a young company in the field of flow control solutions. As its name suggests it is EMerging and RISEing in the field. Our young but experienced team at EmRise is passionate to deliver high quality products that meet or exceed international standards. Our unique in-process inspection by highly skilled former field technicians help us in producing top-notch quality products with near to zero defects on first run assemblies. EmRise supplies quality products to end-users, OEMs, MROs, and we offer partnership propositions to international valve manufacturers that are looking for the price advantage from Indian sub-continent while maintaining quality. Whether you are an end user or a valve manufacturer please get in touch with our highly motivated and energetic team today to know more how we can help you.
Customer Success

building customer success

We offer safe and sustainable solutions to achieve success with our customers. Our focus is on customer value creating through close partnership.
Performing Together

performing together

We aim to provide a safe and healthly working environment in a culture that supports performance and competencies. We work together with the local communities to create social value.
Contributing Environment

contributing to environment

The responsible use of resources underpins the long-term success of our business.
Responsible Supply Chain

Responsible supply chain

We want to ensure our sustainable business operations through responsible supply chain management.

Our Products

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Culture at EmRise is razor sharp focus on quality products. We optimum cost utilization to get best quality instead of cost cutting that affects quality. We have developed a unique in-process quality check system where each worker is required to quality check work done by previous worker. This enables us to receive maximum quality output in production. With regards to raw material quality we have developed & implemented below vendor related procedure that help us in producing only raw material:
  • Vendor Qualification Matrix.
  • Vendor Performance Evaluation Procedure.
  • Vendor Expediting Procedure.
With regards to employees quality conscious we have implemented regular training program that emphasis on quality. This helps us increase quality of products and overall quality of customer experience while dealing with Emrise Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Quality Certificate Quality Certificate Quality Certificate

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